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I pride myself on being more than an Osteopath.


All of my patients can expect the very best care and advice when in my clinic. Whether that's from my knowledge and experience in assessing and diagnosing pain complaints, manual therapy, exercise rehab prescription or injury preventative methods. Rest assured, you are in the very best hands!


Prior to becoming an Osteopath, I spent a decade in the health & fitness industry originally specialising in strength & conditioning and sports performance in commercial, private gyms and sports clubs.


Then, through a natural curiosity and many of my clients experiencing injuries, I decided to educate myself more on rehabilitation and injury prevention by going on courses and  speaking with leaders in this field to learn more.

I then wanted more in the field of treating and managing injuries and pain so decided to become an Osteopath, while still drawing on the past 10 years of practical experience.


While in my clinic, you can expect not only a professional and efficient environment, but expert knowledge in injury prevention and treatment, pain management, exercise rehabilitation and general health & fitness advice.   


  • 60 minute Osteopathic consultation in the comfort of your own home.

    1 hr

  • 60 mins Rehabilitation Consultation at the comfort of your own home.

    1 hr

  • 60 minute customised ergonomic desk setup at your home/workspace.

    1 hr


All Osteopaths within the United Kingdom have to, by law, be registered by the General Osteopathic Council. They also require all registered Osteopaths to be insured and hold valid and up to date DBS checks while also maintaining a specific amount and type of CPD annually.