Spinal Alignment and Exercise – Can Osteopathy help?

With January now upon us, you may be feeling the desire to get back into the gym and starting new training regimes to lose that holiday weight. With this, unfortunately, common aches and pains is only natural for a number of reasons as i'm going to go into, in this article.

With this being said, even if you have a history of low back pain or shoulder, knee pain, don't feel nervous about being active again, after all 'movement is medicine' and i'd be the last person to tell you to STOP doing something. The key to long-term pain relief is how you manage your symptoms going forward. This is where Max Manlay Osteopathy comes in!

I’m sure you, your best friend, mother, father, brother and sister have been told your spine is different in some way or another. You may have different curves in different places, of which, make you unique. Everyone has their unique curves and bends. Doctors and specialists like to use clever buzz words like scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis (these words just describe the direction of these curves – but they shouldn’t define you!)

In most cases, this doesn’t pose a problem in everyday life, so no problem!

BUT, in some cases, when exercising or leading an active lifestyle they can increase the prevalence in which you may feel pain or injure yourself. This is where an Osteopath or another manual therapist come in!

Fast forward 6 months, you’ve been training in a new gym or at home and are losing weight, putting on muscle, getting fitter and all of a sudden are experiencing some lower back pain, it’s sprung on you with no warning and is stopping you from exercising at the pace you’d like to and it can be incredibly frustrating. Making it MORE frustrating is you’ve been warming up and cooling down as instructed by your trusted therapist or personal trainer, your technique has been spot on, so why the pain?!

These pains may have ‘come on one morning’ or you ‘can’t remember what causes the pain’. This is all too common and there is a solution!

There’s an explainable link between spinal alignment (or misalignment) – these bends, curves and twists in your spine and the increase in exercise can be causing this pain. This is not to mean that you were born with it and have to carry on living like this...

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints among individuals so if you imagine just standing upright in the queue at M&S with a heavy shopping basket full of groceries in one hand, you may consciously be ‘standing upright’ with your head up, shoulders pulled back thinking you have awesome posture and you wouldn’t be wrong!

What is happening though in the deeper structure of your body is your spine is gradually rotating and bending to the side of the basket and the muscles linked with these areas such as the muscles around the abdomen, lower back and hips are shortened and contracted and over time these muscles and joints become restricted and unable to restore to their normal position and become ‘stuck’. These can start as uncomfortable and gradually become increasingly painful and even debilitating.


Seeing a therapist at the earliest stage can help identify these structures that may be ‘changing’ and help correct them and offer advice for prevention in the future. Osteopathy combined with an exercise rehabilitation plan is vital here to reduce pain and prevent further pain in the future.

Even for a dull ache, feeling discomfort in the lower back, neck and shoulders, an Osteopath can provide an accurate diagnosis and thorough treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms and prevent any further pains from occurring.

Whether it's just a mild twinge, constant pain and even debilitating pain that's stopping you from moving, an Osteopath or another manual therapist can be the answer you've been looking for.

Get in touch today via my website or social media channels such as instagram and facebook and i'd be happy to discuss your symptoms through with you to put you at ease and on the right track!

Healthy Regards,

Max Manlay (M.Ost. ND. DO)

Owner, Osteopath & Rehabilitation Specialist at Max Manlay Osteopathy.

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